In cooperation with Bühler AG, dreikant shapes are being developed for the new ChocoBotic production plant. Bühler AG develops and produces production technologies for the food and luxury food industry, among other things.

While traditional production systems operate in a linear fashion, Buhler integrates intelligent robotic systems in the new ChocoBotic. This allows different products to be produced on one production line, while the number of agreements required for the entire production process is reduced. The development process of the industrial design included various phases of triangular consultation as well as step-by-step development of the design language and technical implementation.


A stringent form language and consolidation of components ensures a uniform appearance of the entire plant. The modularity of the plant not only underlines precision and efficiency but also reduces the manufacturing costs of the plant.


In the technical development, in addition to the requirements of hygienic design, further elements were developed and revised. The standardization of the enclosure of plant components leads to aesthetic advantages as well as to cost degression. For example, uniform cabinets were developed for various agreements and cable ducts and service accesses were optimised. The intelligent arrangement of system components ensures efficient and ergonomically sensible maintenance.


“Food safety” is one of the most important demands placed on the process technologies of the BuhlerGroup’s food production operations. As a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), “hygienic design” is therefore crucial for product development. All components and plant sections of the hygienically sensitive areas were tested and designed for easy cleaning. Properties such as ground clearance and avoidance of cavities were carefully considered. Special materials must be selected especially for components that come into contact with food.

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