Lung regulator

AUTOMATIC AIR-PNEUMATIC BREATHING APPARATUS A distinction is made between devices with a control valve (constant air supply) and devices that operate automatically with a lung. Compressed-air hose devices with lung automats supply breathing air only if the wearer of the breathing apparatus inhales air. The air consumption of these devices is lower than that of compressed air hose devices with constant volume flow. A compressed air line breathing apparatus with demand valve is particularly suitable for supplying breathing air from compressed air cylinders. A distinction is made between normal pressure (green) and overpressure (red) devices. Devices with overpressure generate an overpressure in the breathing connection. The overpressure prevents hazardous substances from the ambient atmosphere from entering the breathing mask.

Bartels-Rieger developed a new triangular lung ventilator. The novel and maintenance-optimized valve solution has been transferred into a new product design with three edges. The product not only got an improved functionality and ergonomics but the new development simplifies the maintenance and inspection of the regulator. This feature is essential for the survival of this product.

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