Wooden clocks for KERBHOLZ

Customer: KERBHOLZ / vier­freunde GmbH

branch: Consumer

Services: product design



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The brand KERBHOLZ sells lifestyle products made of sustainable materials. dreikant develops the watch series HINZE, LAMPRECHT and REINEKE for KERBHOLZ. The watch models are available in different wood versions. Wood as a material posed a new challenge to design development. In addition to low tolerances and minimal designs, constructive solutions were found with wood as a material. The hands and dials were matched to the brand and the wood species in order to create a uniform appearance. Other watch models and special editions are about to be launched on the market.

Kerbholz Uhren
Named after the proud and agile rabbit "Lamprecht". He was also quite a drunkard, after all he lost 73 times for a gold coin and a bottle of brandy on the Buxtehuder Heide against the cheating hedgehog. Handmade wristwatch from noble natural wood with a clasp and crown of powder-coated, stainless steel. Swiss Ronda movement. Size adjustable for each wrist
"Reineke", the clever fox, has always been the master of life among the animals. With his bright head, cunning and charm, the gallant thug repeatedly managed to save himself from the most awkward situations. Handcrafted wristwatch made of fine natural wood and a clasp and crown made of powder-coated, stainless steel. Swiss Ronda movement. Size adjustable for each wrist.
He was smart, the eloquent, booted tomcat "Hinze". So he persuaded the miller's son to give him boots instead of turning him into gloves. Out of gratitude for his new mountain pines Hinze chased this one sack of partridges, which he sold to the king for pure gold. At the end there was the king's daughter on top - so wird´s made! Handmade wristwatch made of fine natural wood and leather. Swiss Ronda movement. Size adjustable for each wrist. Copper finishes on dial and bracelet.
"Adelheid" is Old High German for "of noble form". The beautiful goose was the cheerleader among the animals: always open-minded, communicative, sometimes a bit clumsy, but popular everywhere. Even with the fox, who has been trying for years to invite her to dinner - but she has never been the type of bird.
Each watch in the series is available in maple, rosewood and sandalwood. The popular LAMPRECHT watch has been extended with the Special Edition in a noble antique brass look.
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