Internet of Things / Smart Products

Smart Products add new capabilities to the analog product. Data is collected, evaluated and communicated via sensors and digital interfaces. This not only simplifies processes, but also links overlapping processes with each other. Products can react to and assist the user. By connecting deep learning technologies/artificial intelligence, products can already solve complex tasks today.

Internet of Things is the integration of analogue products into a larger communication system, e.g. via the Internet. With products such as "Amazon Echo" and "Google Home" at the latest, networked everyday products are finding their way into households. The connection to existing business processes creates promising new solutions for users and entrepreneurs. Input devices such as computers or mobile phones are increasingly being replaced by other interactions such as voice control, making them more intuitive and personal.

Smart Products, Smart Bowl, intelligente Produkte

Use Case: Smart Bowl

The Meco "Smart Bowl" system consists of a smart dog bowl, a digital collar and an intelligent mobile phone app. It measures the dog's food intake and movement profile. The data is clearly presented via a smartphone app in order to recommend the optimal feeding and movement units to the owner. The system also connects to the customer's e-commerce system, which can be used to automatically or manually reorder the appropriate feed. In this way, the system integrates itself into existing business processes and forms a completely new e-business channel. 

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Use Case: Smart Office

K&N SmartOffice System Struktur App Entwicklung Internet of Things Smart Products

K&N SmartOffice Mockup App Entwicklung Internet of Things Smart Products

The "Smart Office" consists of three central units. A sensor box in each room, the office furniture and the smartphone app. With the smartphone app, chairs and tables can be adapted to the ergonomic requirements of the user and saved as a separate profile in the app. In this way, the personal settings of the chair and table can also be adopted in other rooms. The hardware automatically adapts to the user profile. The sensor box in the room measures fresh air, light intensity, volume and humidity. This data can be transmitted to the user via smartphone in order to give him feedback on the optimal working situation and possible adjustments. 

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The dreikant services cover the development and implementation of corporate identity & corporate design, project-related simulations, feasibility studies and prototype construction. The focus is always on a successful market launch.

The entire process up to the finished series product requires a very broadly diversified know-how. Thanks to dreikant's cross-sector activities, the customer benefits from a wealth of experience and a wide range of services.
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