03 - Concept

design concept

The design concept is the aesthetic development, with the aim of bringing together previous product requirements. In the process, particularly conflicting requirements become clear, which can be identified and harmonized by the concept. The design concept forms the basis for further technical developments. The vision of the product is visualized in continuous steps and transferred into technical forms and interfaces such as CAD. 


full service

As a full-service provider, dreikant always keeps an eye on the aspects of engineering, feasibility and marketing requirements. Deeper usability checks lead to a clear picture of the product characteristics even before the first prototype is developed.

Periodic presentations and feedback rounds guarantee customer-oriented development and flexible adaptation to changing wishes and requirements. 

communication design

In the final phase of the conception, elements of the communication design and advertising measures are decided for the product. This enables all involved departments to prepare elements and processes for the market launch at an early stage. In addition, dreikant offers its own resources for the implementation of online and offline advertising content. 

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idea sketch

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Side view of the riser roller

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